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> Lawn Mowing & Trimming
With our top quality  mowers and trimmers, our crews get in and out quickly and efficiently and leave you lawn looking great! Unlike our competitors, we sharpen our mower blades every day to make sure your grass gets a clean cut. This promotes grass blades healing quicker which supports a healthier lawn. 
Lawncare Services
At Y-Mow, we offer a wide range of services . We are a "one stop shop" for all your lawncare and landscaping needs. Whether you just want your lawn professionally mowed and trimmed or you want a complete lawncare and landscape service need to look further....just call Mike at Y-Mow
> Fertilization and Lime Application
We use only high quality golf course grades of fertilizer. We also have organic fertilizers if you desire a more natural feeding of your grass. Our standard fertilization programs includes three in the spring, summer and fall. Since the soil on many properties is acidic in nature, an annual application of lime will help to neutralize the soil under your lawn helping to help keep moss growth in check and keep your lawn healthy.
> Pest Control
Pests come in the form of insects and weeds. We offer both herbicide and insecticide spray applications to keep these nasty  pests in check. We partner with only the most qualified operators in the business. The inclusion of pest control is an important part of a complete  lawncare package.
> Dethatching
De-thatching is the removal of the dead layer of grass from you lawn which forms in the fall and winter months. Usually done in mid spring before the new grass grows too much, dethatching allows the new grass blades to grow unhindered into a fuller, healthier looking lawn for the summer.
> Aeration
Oxygen  and moisture are vital to a healthy lawn. Aerating your lawn each year allows more moisture and oxygen to reach the grass roots and is a major promoter of a full healthy lawn. Using an aeration machine, your Y-mow technician removes many small cores of soil from you lawn bed. The small holes which result, allow much more oxygen and moisture to reach to vital root area of your lawn supporting stronger growth.